The Lady Blend

Atomica Coffee proudly presents a unique coffee blend that supports women globally. We buy coffee from the Cafe Femenino Foundation, roast it to perfection then pay it forward to the Go Girls Foundation here in Melbourne.

The Café Femenino Foundation was founded in 2004 to champion women in remote coffee communities. Women who had no voice socially, politically, or economically.  They were poor and lived in isolation which contributed to phenomenal rates of abuse. The Café Femenino Foundation helps promote the integration of women coffee farmers into social, political and occupational organisations. In doing so, the foundation is able to help improve the overall quality of life for the entire community and support a sustainable economic system. Learn more about the Cafe Femenino story at their website.

The Go Girls Foundation brings an inspirational energy that is driven by real change. They host a number of programs to connect, honour and celebrate women.  Women who are unemployed are supported to gain employment; women who are recovering from breast cancer are assisted to find their ‘new normal’, women who have suffered domestic violence are helped to move towards independence, women in the workplace are encouraged to take on leadership roles and women in business are coached to grow.
Their vision is to for every woman to have a plan. Learn more about the Go Girl Foundation at their website.

Go Girls Foundation  will receive $1 from every kilo of The Lady Blend sold to help fund their ‘Step Up and Go’ program. Our goal by November 2018 is to donate $5000 to assist Australian women to find their feet after a tough time.

The Lady Blend is our way of thinking global and acting local.
And the coffee is so delicious, even the blokes will like it.
Notes of orange blossom, cinnamon and roasted almond. This medium bodied coffee has a velvety mounthfeel and a sweet finish.

To find out more about having The Lady Blend in your cafe, please call or email and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.