Established in 1996 as a boutique coffee roaster/café combined in the heart Melbourne’s iconic Brunswick St, Fitzroy. Atomica Coffees are a specific range that use only the highest quality 100% Arabica beans.  With a consistently high standard, our product is delievered through first-rate production methods. Today, our core focus still stands. To source the best quality green beans, to roast them individually so as to reach their optimum flavour profile, and finally blended to ensure you enjoy every cup.

Our Philosophy

We always respect the past. Our roasts will always taste like coffee. Utilising our vast experience and modern techniques we have the ability to change and produce coffees suited to not only new palates, but various brewing methods from Greek coffee, espresso all the way through to French Press.

Our commitment is, we individually roast each bean to its optimum flavour profile. We never batch roast. Product first. No shortcuts on quality.

Blending & Roasting

We roast a distinct selection of Arabica beans individually before blending to ensure that each varietal maintains its unique flavor. This way we precisely achieve a remarkable consistency in each blend, time after time.

Bean characteristics vary harvest to harvest so it is imperative we are consistently cupping our product and tweaking our formulas to ensure you get the best of our blends…always.